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Tina's Poetry

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More poems collected over the years.


Eyes are definitely

The window to the soul

It is what seems

To make ourselves whole

Whether they’re brown

Green or blue

It is what makes

Me different from you

I’ve heard the saying that

Eyes that are blue

Say, "Love me or I’ll leave you"

And eyes that are brown

Say, "Love me or I’ll kill you".

From past experience

I can say

It’s blue eyes for me

All the way.


"Give Up"

Tell me why you can’t give up

And get on with your life?

Even though all these years

Have been nothing but pain and strife

You tell me that you still love me

But I somehow fail to see

That if you really still did

Than why did you leave?

You tell me that you want me back

But I’m sorry to say

That while you’re dreaming up these things

I don’t feel the same way

Nothing that I ever say

Gets through your head

You tell me if it weren’t for me

You’d probably be dead

You hand to me this burden

Trying to make me feel bad

But really what you’re doing

Is making me so mad

So if you want to make me

Happy in your mind

Do for me this one thing

And give this healing time



You disappeared without a trace

You deserted me during this race

I thought you cared but I was wrong

You told me lies and led me along

When I’d think of you my heart would swoon

Because I didn’t know you’d be gone so soon

I haven’t felt like this for a while

For you I’d’ve ran 10,000 miles

Slowly I was falling for someone I didn’t know

And I’m pretty sure it began to show


"Here We Go Again"

Here we are, starting again

I am not sure why

You are like a drug

You withdraw kills me inside

Your kiss drives me crazy

Your touch makes me sweat

When you aren’t around

You’re running through my head

God how I want you

You don’t even know

But damn do I try

I try to let it show

I can tell by how you touch me

That you want me too

Why did we ever stop?

We must have been some fools



From the first time

I saw those eyes

I knew that he

Would have to be mine

Maybe not how

I thought it could be

But in my heart

For safe keeping

For seven long years

And many to come

He comforted me–

That and then some

These poems are property of TINA (c) 2005