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Tina's Poetry

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More poems collected through the years.


Thoughts of you fill my head

Like a cup left in the rain

And though I still feel lonely

I cannot feel any pain

No aching in my heart

Like for so long it has been

I have made up my mind

I can love again

There has to be attraction

That I cannot fight

My heart always flutters

When you are in sight

I always catch myself

Thinking about you

And I tend to wonder

Are you thinking of me too?

So I hope that this works out

The way I hope it will

And many years from now

Will you love me still?



Every time I see you

I cannot hold inside

All of the feelings

That are so hard to hide

I don’t know what to do

About the way I feel

Because if I let you know

I’ll feel like such a heel

Why can’t things just go my way

And not leave me so stressed

don’t you know that these things

Are leaving me a mess

I don’t know if I love you

But I’d sure like to try

I’d like to know what it’s like

For me to call you mine


"You Left Me Hanging"

You left me hanging

Why I’m not sure

When we used to talk

My loneliness was cured

I longed for someone

Of the opposite sex

But I guess that liking you

Was nothing but a hex

Now I try to

Figure out why

I ever seen you

As someone that couldn’t lie

Now I don’t care

Whatever may happen

But everything happens for a reason...


"Fuck You"

Don’t tell me your feelings

Because I don’t want to know

Don’t look me in the eyes

I just want you to go

Get away from me

Leave me alone

There’s no need in talking

My hatred’s already shown

I can’t believe I’ve put up

With this so long now

Why am I hanging on?

Sometimes I wander how

My nerves are breaking

I think I’m going crazy

Thankfully the memories

Are quickly growing hazy

You’re still running your mouth

I think I know what to do

Just punch you in your whiney face

And stand and say "fuck you".


"Friends Gone Wrong"

I know what we’ve been doing

Has been very wrong

But you are the one that’s initiated it

And I have played along

I never wanted it to get out of hand

For us to be more than just friends

But it’s been so hard to avoid it

With the messages you send

When I look into your dark eyes

I see someone that’s hurt

And you won’t let anyone like me

Give your life a new birth

When I lye beside you

You know just what to say

You make me laugh until I cry

You chase my problems away

I guess I deserve what comes

From a friend who loves then leaves

When I try to pull away

No matter what, I’m still tugging at your sleeves

These poems are property of TINA (c) 2005