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Tina's Poetry

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More poems collected through the years.


Loneliness is creeping in

As I begin to cry

I know that your memory

Will be gone in the by and by

Sometimes I wander why I cry

Why can’t I just forget?

But every time I see you

Back in my mind you’re set

So take me in your arms

Hold me close and say

You love me still and always will

And you’ll never go away



Summer is the best time

The best time to think

It is when I feel alive

And my mind’s not on the brink

The breeze blowing on my face

The sweet smell of flowers

I could just sit outside

And waste away the hours

The sun shining on the ground

Sitting by the pool

I think it is the best time

Because I’m not in school

Alone when the sun goes down

Sitting by myself

Breathing in the cool night air

Is better for me health

I can see the brightest stars

Shining in the sky

But sooner or later the will be gone

In the by and by

Summer will begin to fade

The sun will go away

But in my mind the summer will

Be here to stay


"The Love For A Man"

To my dearest Romeo

How I love you so

Then you were banished

Why, I still don’t know

I know you killed my cousin

And even though he’s my kin

When I gaze into your eyes

I cannot see a sin

I long for the next time

That I will see you again

But until that time

I know the past has been

Something I will hold near

And close to my heart

Even after this life

You will be a part

Of every single thought

And every thing I’ll see

And up above in heaven

It will be you and me

The times we were together

Were the times I’ll cherish most

And now that you are gone

I’m haunted by your ghost

When I’d feel your touch

Pass against my skin

Our love was overwhelming

Since we met, it has been

When you asked to marry

Before our holy Friar

I knew your heart was in the right place

And you were not a liar

When I turned down Paris

And refused to take his name

I took a poison from the Friar

And I’d never be the same

So I took the poison

That sent me into sleep

While my family stood about me

They ask "why?" as they weep

When you heard about it

You wanted to be by my side

Disbelieving what they’d said

But you managed that day to get by

You rushed to buy a poison

And rushed to my side

But you did not know

My poison would wear off my mind

As you lay beside me

And drew your last breath in

I woke to find my Romeo

Beside me once again

As I looked closer

And placed my hand upon your chest

I knew my love was gone

He was in a long, deep rest

I look about the now empty church

Feeling lost and confused

I looked down to your belt

And realized what I had to do

So now I take this dagger

And thrust it through my heart

I cannot take this feeling

Of us being apart

I can only pray

To heaven up above

That our Lord and Savior

Will let me be with my love


"The Perfect Man"

What is the one thing that

A woman wants to have?

A guy that she can call her own

But not make her feel bad

I think I have an answer

So I’m going to say

The one thing that a woman needs

Is a man that is gay

You can have that feeling

Of being in their arms

But never have the fear

Of ever being harmed

You can go anywhere

And act like a fool

No matter how lame you are

They can make you feel cool

You come to them with your problems

You’re not afraid to cry

They’re not sure how to help

But you know for you they’ll try

You can sit around all day

Dissing every man

But always in the end

You know you’ll have a hand

You always come to them

With thoughts that are the deepest

They talk you though tough times

When emotions are the steepest

So with this knowledge

I’m very proud to say

That what a woman needs

Is a man that is gay

These poems are property of TINA (c) 2005