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Tina's Poetry

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More poems collected throught the years.


Love does not

Make the world go ‘round

It breaks our hearts,

It weighs us down

When we try

To feel really happy

It seems to me

It makes us feel crappy

Games that guys play

Are hard on the soul

Who am I to say

They make us feel whole?

You and I know

We’re officially doomed

When we catch our first glance

And our heart goes boom



Mama, how I love you

You know I always will

Even when you’re old and gray

I’ll love you even still

You walked me through the oddities

Of very slowly growing

And through all those years

It was love that you were showing

I will always be thankful

For a mother just like you

And that is why I’m saying–

Mama, I love you!



Rumors, they will be told

Whether they’re new or if they’re old

About the things they think are true

About you and I, about me and you

We both know what really went on

Behind closed doors, when everyone’s gone

Someday they will finally see

That it is not what they think it could be

They are all just ignorant fools

That think we could just break all the rules

Our friendship is so true to me

And I hop that it will be

Not just another thing of the past

I really do hope this friendship can last


"Something More"

I guess that I thought

That this could maybe be

Something a little more

But I guess it was just me

You left a bump on my brain

A welt on my heart

I knew that I could love you

From the very start

There’s just something about you

I can’t seem to forget

Your memory is in my mind

Now fresh and wet

I can still smell you

Everywhere I go

In the air, in the breeze

Even in my clothes

But you have a girlfriend

And I can clearly see

That you’ve made up your mind

And you won’t be with me



Sorry is the worst of words

I hate it with a passion

Some people use it for everything

Like the latest thing in fashion

What’s the point of saying it

When it’s not what we mean

We think that it’s polite

But it’s not what it seems

It’s just a way to mask

The things that we do

Like hitting you on purpose

Then saying "I’m sorry" to you

So I don’t like the word

And never really have

Every time I have to say it

I feel worse than bad

But sometimes I have

To say that stupid word

Because I know that if I don’t

You will be hurt

Since everyone is saying it

What am I to do?

Nothing except for saying

I’m truly sorry to you

These poems are property of TINA (c) 2005