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TinaBeans Confessions
Saturday, November 20, 2004
hey hey
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" : Queen
hey everyone. this is the beginning of a brand new blog! yea for me...i just thought i'd start this because i have nothing else goin on right now and i need somewhere to blow off some steam that builds up every once in a while, ya know? i don't really know where this is going to head off to, but! why not, right? i'm going to try really super-dooper hard to update this everyday, or at least every other day, unlike my last one, lol. is everyone? great i hope. i'm living so i guess that means i'm alright. i've spent most of the day debating what my tattoo is gonna be once i turn 18 in...hmmm...let's count...8 months and 9 days, that is if i counted right. ha! you know how great i am at math...but i have a few picked out...this original design i drew, a butterfly, and my zodiac, leo, inside a big red sun...thats # one right now...WOOHOO! soundgarden is on...yea! well, the goo goo dolls dvd/cd will be out in 3 days and counting! i may just be in was a great experience in all...even the rain ;) john is still soo incredibly sexy its unbelievable. lol. so, i'll probly be gettin that tuesday. man, i'm hungry...i haven't ate anything since, like...this morning and it's 8:30...good god it feels like it should be, like midnight. oh speaking of "midnight" and the "goo goo dolls", they're gonna be on MADTV tonight. heheee. i can't wait. is almost maybe not tho...something might happen. i'm sick of being alone. ANY HELP ANYONE? lol...just kidding. almost everyone in fairborn isn't even worth the bullet to blow their brains out with, lol. there are a select few, if ya know what i mean...but i dont even know whats up with them...sooo, i'll go for now and fix something to eat and a big huge-mongus cup of cappuchino...mmm...yeah...later ev'rybuddy!

tina bean

Confessed by: TinaBean at 8:41 PM EST

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