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"Iris". . . A Novel By Tina Adkins

My Poetry

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All these poems are a collection of mine that I have written over the past few years.


Loneliness is creeping in

As I begin to cry

I know that your memory

Will be gone in the by and by

Sometimes I wander why I cry

Why can’t I just forget?

But every time I see you

Back in my mind you’re set

So take me in your arms

Hold me close and say

You love me still and always will

And you’ll never go away


"Here We Go Again"

Here we are, starting again

I am not sure why

You are like a drug

You withdraw kills me inside

Your kiss drives me crazy

Your touch makes me sweat

When you aren’t around

You’re running through my head

God how I want you

You don’t even know

But damn do I try

I try to let it show

I can tell by how you touch me

That you want me too

Why did we ever stop?

We must have been some fools



You make me so confused

I don’t know what to do

Why can’t you just say

You are feeling the same way?

The messages you send

My nerves start to bend

These things I cannot stand

Lend me a hand

Just say the love you feel

Will help us both to heal

I know you’ve been hurt

Your heart on the sleeve of your shirt

Just say you love me too

Because baby, I love you




How lonely it is...

Only if you are alone...

Sitting...on your own...

Seeing lonely trees in the windows

of your neighbors house

Coldness encircles the houses

The snow falls to the ground and gathers together

The flakes are the only ones not alone

The loneliness creeps in as you

remember the Christmas’ past

You know...when you had someone...

Sitting...looking at the twinkling lights...

Feeling their arms around you...

Their warmth...

Their kisses...

You reach out but no one is there...

Not anymore...

You’re alone...



I think of you

My heart grows weak

A tear streams down

A lonely cheek

I long for you

To understand

I long for you

To hold my hand

No matter where

I may be

Always you

It’s all I see

One more time

Another tear

Alone again

Another year

I hope for something

Some kind of change

It’s building up

All this rage

I can’t help these

Feelings inside

And these things, you know

I cannot hide

So tell me now

How can it be

Tell me now

Could you love me?


"The Love For A Man" (writen in the perspective of Juliet before she dies.)

To my dearest Romeo

How I love you so

Then you were banished

Why, I still don’t know

I know you killed my cousin

And even though he’s my kin

When I gaze into your eyes

I cannot see a sin

I long for the next time

That I will see you again

But until that time

I know the past has been

Something I will hold near

And close to my heart

Even after this life

You will be a part

Of every single thought

And every thing I’ll see

And up above in heaven

It will be you and me

The times we were together

Were the times I’ll cherish most

And now that you are gone

I’m haunted by your ghost

When I’d feel your touch

Pass against my skin

Our love was overwhelming

Since we met, it has been

When you asked to marry

Before our holy Friar

I knew your heart was in the right place

And you were not a liar

When I turned down Paris

And refused to take his name

I took a poison from the Friar

And I’d never be the same

So I took the poison

That sent me into sleep

While my family stood about me

They ask "why?" as they weep

When you heard about it

You wanted to be by my side

Disbelieving what they’d said

But you managed that day to get by

You rushed to buy a poison

And rushed to my side

But you did not know

My poison would wear off my mind

As you lay beside me

And drew your last breath in

I woke to find my Romeo

Beside me once again

As I looked closer

And placed my hand upon your chest

I knew my love was gone

He was in a long, deep rest

I look about the now empty church

Feeling lost and confused

I looked down to your belt

And realized what I had to do

So now I take this dagger

And thrust it through my heart

I cannot take this feeling

Of us being apart

I can only pray

To heaven up above

That our Lord and Savior

Will let me be with my love



Eyes are definitely

The window to the soul

It is what seems

To make ourselves whole

Whether they’re brown

Green or blue

It is what makes

Me different from you

I’ve heard the saying that

Eyes that are blue

Say, "Love me or I’ll leave you"

And eyes that are brown

Say, "Love me or I’ll kill you".

From past experience

I can say

It’s blue eyes for me

All the way.



I hate being angry

But you leave me no choice

It even makes me mad

Just to hear your voice

It’s really amazing to think

I used to love you so

And now I am so glad

That you won’t be my beau

I just can’t believe

That you’d stoop so low

You’d better watch out

Or down you will go

Now you’ve heard my part

So you better stay away

If you don’t, pay the consequence

I’ve said all I’m going to say


"Give Up"

Tell me why you can’t give up

And get on with your life?

Even though all these years

Have been nothing but pain and strife

You tell me that you still love me

But I somehow fail to see

That if you really still did

Than why did you leave?

You tell me that you want me back

But I’m sorry to say

That while you’re dreaming up these things

I don’t feel the same way

Nothing that I ever say

Gets through your head

You tell me if it weren’t for me

You’d probably be dead

You hand to me this burden

Trying to make me feel bad

But really what you’re doing

Is making me so mad

So if you want to make me

Happy in your mind

Do for me this one thing

And give this healing time



Love does not

Make the world go ‘round

It breaks our hearts,

It weighs us down

When we try

To feel really happy

It seems to me

It makes us feel crappy

Games that guys play

Are hard on the soul

Who am I to say

They make us feel whole?

You and I know

We’re officially doomed

When we catch our first glance

And our heart goes boom



Mama, how I love you

You know I always will

Even when you’re old and gray

I’ll love you even still

You walked me through the oddities

Of very slowly growing

And through all those years

It was love that you were showing

I will always be thankful

For a mother just like you

And that is why I’m saying–

Mama, I love you!



Sorry is the worst of words

I hate it with a passion

Some people use it for everything

Like the latest thing in fashion

What’s the point of saying it

When it’s not what we mean

We think that it’s polite

But it’s not what it seems

It’s just a way to mask

The things that we do

Like hitting you on purpose

Then saying "I’m sorry" to you

So I don’t like the word

And never really have

Every time I have to say it

I feel worse than bad

But sometimes I have

To say that stupid word

Because I know that if I don’t

You will be hurt

Since everyone is saying it

What am I to do?

Nothing except for saying

I’m truly sorry to you



Every time I see you

I cannot hold inside

All of the feelings

That are so hard to hide

I don’t know what to do

About the way I feel

Because if I let you know

I’ll feel like such a heel

Why can’t things just go my way

And not leave me so stressed

don’t you know that these things

Are leaving me a mess

I don’t know if I love you

But I’d sure like to try

I’d like to know what it’s like

For me to call you mine

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